Elliott Wave and Fibonacci Course

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This crypto trading course is a full beginners guide on how to read the markets for crypto trading. The course takes you from a beginner to an advanced level with understanding how to read the crypto markets.

Level 1: Elliott Wave

Level 2: Fibonacci Price

Level 3: Fibonacci Extension

Master the trade by learning the key points of entry to exit, learn how to trade based on momentum, time and price. This course will give you the winning advantage of knowing the points of when to enter and exit trades. Understand the best practices of crypto trading and how to maximise returns without feeling fearful, uncertain or doubtful.  

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Client Testimonial


"Hey Jagir, I would personally like to thank you today for great course. I was able to time the nervos network pump. Bought it on November 4 to ride its 3rd wave. Booked 30% profit confidently

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"Going through the training on the EWave and I must say the content is amazing. I always saw the M and W formations but was lost on the bigger picture of where I was in the market. am so glad I got the course."

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Launchpad & IDO Course

Usually £997 - save 90%

The 100x high-level crypto strategy

This is a high level strategy course.

  1. Learn how to get in at ground level with $1bn+ potential projects. 
  2. Get a step-by-step guide on how to practically become a part of IDO projects.
  3. See a casestudy example of how to participate, earn and become part of one of an IDO project.

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  • Access to R15 Finance's private telegram group with Jagir. Here you will get early access to YouTube content
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