For me it is important that your financial future is secure!

Jagir Singh

Hi, I'm Jagir Singh,

CEO & Founder of R15 Finance


This is my Story

I am an educator and have over 15 years of trading experience. Crypto currency is one of my favourite spaces. I began my journey as a Mathematics graduate and progressed to become a Maths teacher. I then focused my mathematics skills into currency trading. And now I am an award-winning author for a book called “The Extraordinary New Venture Capital Opportunity” along with being featured in another best selling book “High Probability Trading Strategies”.

My passion as individual has always been to make a real difference to people’s lives, whether that be physical health, mental health or financial health. I’m an entrepreneur at spirit. Thus, our company ethos is to build a remarkable company that makes a real difference to people.

After struggling and putting my many years of knowledge into practice, I have finally decided to share my wisdom of predictably making money without taking major risks.

My aim is to make the world of Crypto simplified and as comfortable for you as possible by removing the risk of ‘mistakes’ or error. Crypto is the new digital age technology, which has the power to transform the future. At R15 Finance, we look to bring forward an understanding to the market to provide you with key theories, opportunities, tools, and assets that can make Crypto a low risk investment for your future…


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